Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum: Which is Best for Your Engine?

Pennzoil platinum ultra is a superior version of pennzoil platinum with better cleaning power and improved performance. Pennzoil offers two premium synthetic motor oils: platinum and ultra platinum.

While both are excellent choices for your vehicle, ultra platinum is a step from the regular platinum version. The two products have similar formulations, but ultra platinum offers added benefits, such as increased cleaning power and improved performance. In this article, we will compare pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum and help you determine the best choice for your car.

In this article, I will compare key areas such as performance, protection, fuel efficiency, and price.

Let’s dive in!

Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum : Which is Best for Your Engine?


Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum : Which Is Best For Your Engine?

Explanation Of The Debate Between Which Oil Is Better

Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are both high-performance synthetic motor oils designed to provide superior engine protection. The key difference between the two oils is the level of additives they contain. Pennzoil platinum has fewer additives, making it a less expensive option, while ultra platinum contains more synthetic additives, making it a more premium choice.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between The Two Oils

Several factors must be considered when choosing between Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Vehicle age: Pennzoil platinum is an excellent choice for vehicles with fewer than 75,000 miles on the odometer. Ultra platinum is better suited for high-mileage vehicles with over 75,000 miles, as it helps to extend engine life and improve fuel economy.
  • Climate: If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, such as very hot summers or cold winters, ultra platinum may be the better choice. It provides better protection against extreme temperatures and helps to reduce engine wear.
  • Driving habits: If you frequently engage in high-performance driving, such as racing or towing heavy loads, ultra platinum is the better option. It contains more additives to provide better protection against wear and tear.
  • Budget: Pennzoil platinum is a more affordable option than ultra platinum. It may be the better option if you are on a tight budget.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, the choice between Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum comes down to personal preference. Both oils are excellent choices and protect against engine wear and tear.

Always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for oil recommendations and use oil that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements.

Differences Between Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil has always been among the market leaders in motor oils and continues to innovate its lubricants through the years. They sell two premium synthetic motor oils, Pennzoil platinum and Pennzoil ultra platinum. This post will discuss the differences between these synthetic oils, their features, and their benefits and help you choose which works best for you.

Overview Of The Features And Benefits Of Pennzoil Platinum

  • Pennzoil platinum is a fully synthetic motor oil designed to keep your engine clean and running like new.
  • It uses pure plus technology, a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into synthetic base oils to create a more efficient and stable lubricant.
  • Compared to conventional and synthetic blend oils, Pennzoil platinum offers superior protection against engine wear, deposits, and oil breakdowns.
  • It provides excellent fuel economy benefits and can improve your mpg by up to 5% while reducing your emissions.

Overview Of The Features And Benefits Of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

  • Pennzoil ultra platinum is also a fully synthetic motor oil infused with pure plus technology, providing outstanding cleanliness and protection to your engine.
  • It is formulated with hyper-cleansing technology, which helps to remove dirt and engine deposits while minimizing heat and wear.
  • Pennzoil ultra platinum offers 75% better wear protection than industry standards, providing superior performance and protection under severe driving conditions.
  • It has a long life at high temperatures and provides excellent performance and protection in extremely cold temperatures.

Detailed Comparison Chart Of The Two Oils

FeaturePennzoil PlatinumPennzoil Ultra Platinum
Performance LevelHigh-performance synthetic oilUltra-high-performance synthetic oil
API CertificationSN Plus, Dexos1 Gen 2SN Plus, Dexos1 Gen 2
Viscosity GradesVarious availableVarious available
Base OilPurePlus synthetic base oilPurePlus synthetic base oil
Additive TechnologyProprietary Active Cleansing TechnologyProprietary PurePlus Technology
BenefitsCleans engine, reduces sludge formationEnhanced cleaning, extreme temperature protection
ProtectionProtects against engine wear, deposits, and heatProvides enhanced protection in extreme conditions
Fuel EfficiencyHelps improve fuel economyHelps improve fuel economy
CompatibilityCompatible with most gasoline enginesCompatible with most gasoline engines
UsageRecommended for modern vehicles and high-performance enginesRecommended for high-performance engines, modified vehicles
Price RangeMid to high rangeHigh range

| Hyper Cleansing Technology | No | Yes |

Both pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are excellent motor oils that offer superior protection and performance to your engine. The main difference is that ultra platinum provides outstanding wear protection and extreme performance under severe driving conditions.

We recommend using the Pennzoil ultra platinum if you drive in harsh environments or have a high-performance vehicle. However, if you have a regular car or drive under normal conditions, Pennzoil platinum will provide excellent protection to your engine while improving your fuel economy.

Performance Of Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil and ultra platinum are two of the most popular motor oil brands. These oils possess unique characteristics, making them stand out from other lubricants. Many people face the dilemma of choosing between these two oils due to the features they have.

We will discuss and compare the performance of pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum.

Explanation Of How The Oils Perform Under Various Conditions

Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum perform excellently under different conditions. Here is an explanation of how these oils perform under various conditions:

  • Extreme heat: Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum have been formulated with exceptional resistance to extreme heat. They have been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 400°f.
  • Low temperature: These oils require less pumping effort, leading to quicker oil flow, and they are also designed to provide engine protection in frigid temperatures of up to -40°f.
  • Wear protection: Both platinum oils are engineered with pure plus technology, a patented gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a high-quality base oil. It results in the production of oils with fewer impurities than crude oil. Reducing impurities decreases engine wear and tear by cleaning and maintaining engine parts.
  • Fuel economy: Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum have been proven to improve fuel economy. The reduction in friction that these oils provide contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Results Of Performance Tests And Comparisons

Pennzoil and ultra platinum are at the top of their game regarding engine oil performance. Here is a comparison of some of the performance tests conducted on the two oils:

  • Deposit protection: Pennzoil ultra platinum outperformed Pennzoil platinum in the sequence test, which evaluates an oil’s ability to prevent deposits in high-temperature conditions.
  • Wear protection: In the extreme-pressure four-ball test, Pennzoil platinum and Pennzoil ultra platinum demonstrated minor wear compared to other oils tested.
  • Cold temperature: Pennzoil platinum with pure plus technology has been tested and approved to flow quicker and provide excellent protection in extreme cold and high-temperature conditions.
  • Fuel economy: Both platinum oils have been approved by dexos1 gen 2, which is general motors’ required lubricant specification taken from API sn. They are also certified by the international lubricant standardization and approval committee (iliac) gf-5, which mandates stringent fuel economy specifications.

Both pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are excellent engine oils with unique qualities to help your engine perform at its best. Despite the slight difference in performance, both oils provide exceptional protection, wear control, and fuel efficiency. Ultimately, choose the oil that fits your engine and driving needs best.

Cost Comparison And Value For Money

Overview Of The Cost Difference Between Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil is a well-known brand when it comes to high-quality motor oils. Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are two flagship products known for their superior performance and protection for today’s high-performance engines.

Regarding the cost of these two oils, ultra platinum is more expensive than platinum. While the price difference is not too significant, it is there. The cost of these oils can vary depending on the quantity and the retailer from which you purchase.

Analysis Of Whether The Added Cost Of Ultra Platinum Is Worth It

The added cost of ultra platinum might seem steep, but it offers excellent value for money, especially if you’re looking for optimal protection from start to finish. Ultra platinum offers better performance than platinum and is ideal for those looking for an oil that can handle extreme temperatures.

Explanation Of How The Cost Of The Oils Can Vary Depending On Factors Such As Engine Type And Driving Style

The cost of platinum and ultra-platinum oils can vary depending on various factors, including engine type, driving style, and oil requirements. For instance, if you own a high-performance car with a turbo or supercharger, you might need ultra platinum for its higher resistance to heat and protection against wear and tear.

Additionally, if you drive your car more often and cover long distances, you might need to change your oil more frequently, spiraling up the cost.

While ultra platinum is more expensive than platinum, it is worth the added cost for those requiring superior engine protection. By assessing the individual needs of your car, you can figure out which oil would be the best fit for you and your budget.

Checkout Current Market Price

You can checkout the current price of both Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum price from here.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum

What Is Pennzoil Platinum?

Pennzoil platinum is a fully synthetic motor oil that offers better cleansing and protection.

What Is The Difference Between Pennzoil Platinum And Ultra Platinum?

Pennzoil ultra platinum has better performance and provides longer-lasting engine wear protection.

Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Worth The Extra Money?

It is worth the extra money if you want better engine protection and enhanced performance.

How Long Does Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Last?

Pennzoil ultra platinum can last up to 15,000 miles or one year between oil changes.

Can I Use Pennzoil Platinum Or Ultra Platinum In Any Vehicle?

Pennzoil and ultra platinum are compatible with most gasoline-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs.


The Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum motor oils are fantastic for regular and high-performance vehicles. The platinum provides excellent protection and cleansing to improve fuel economy, while the ultra platinum offers extended engine wear protection and cleaner pistons.

Both motor oils are engineered with pure plus technology and meet or exceed industry standards, making them a reliable choice for car owners. Ultra platinum is pricier than platinum, but it offers better performance and longer-lasting protection. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider your vehicle’s needs and operating conditions before deciding between the two.

As a smart consumer, you want to make the best choice for your car’s performance, longevity, and overall value. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your car’s manual and a professional mechanic to know what motor oil best suits your car’s engine, which will ultimately be the deciding factor.

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